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Who We Are

Lucidefi is providing users every advantage to be profitable in the Defi markets with data provision and execution automation.

As our name reveals, we seek to clarify and simplify the investment process in the defi markets.

Decentralized financial data is often hidden, delayed, and scattered - making it difficult for investors to buy and sell at the right moment. In moments of extreme volatility, investors need the right information, at the right time, right in front of them in a single source.

Our vision is to provide a trading platform with the most updated data and trend analysis, with the fastest available trade executions to allow our users to invest what they want, when they want.

We are committed to creating a seamless method of investing in defi, uninterrupted by outside sources and organizations. Backed by industry-leading propriety AI technology, we are able to make this possible, and help our users make money while saving time.

Currently, we are carefully and selectively expanding our user base. Interested and think we might be a match? Contact us at



Sungmin Aum



320-1, Gwangnaru-ro


Seoul, Republic of Korea



+82 2 577 0509

Company Achievements

2018.05 - Company founded

2018.10 - Selected for Samsung Electronics C-lab Outside (grant awarded)

2019 - Microsoft for Startups (grant awarded)

2019 - Selected as an official AI data pre- and post-processing company by the Korean government

2020 - Automatic time-series data analysis project with Hyundai Motors, with Hyundai Motors becoming a shareholder

2020 - Tech Incubator Program for Startups (TIPS) Korean government grant awarded

2021 - Received awards from Minister of SME and Startups (Korea), and President of Korean SME and Startup Agency for excellence

2021 - Launched Defi terminal beta, an AI assisted trading terminal for Defi assets

2021 - Onboarded Chinaccelerator batch 19, with SOSV and Artesian becoming shareholders.

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Testimonials and Beta Test Results

"We have made 1200% profit during early beta tests already."

- Lisa (Global Digital Asset)

"I've made 19% in the first 2 days, and continuously making a huge profit."
- M.W. (defi trader)

"This is simply... f**king great."

- J.T. (crypto hedge fund manager)

Our partnership with investment bank GDA reflected a 1200% return over a 2.5 month period in 2020.

Backtesting results have shown a 900% higher return in comparison to the Defipulse Index over the past 6 months, when blindly following our top 5 recommendations.

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